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Sonic black and white mesh chairs offer a smart contoured design to suit every user. With the perfect balance of design and engineering, you’ve never seen a Sonic chair like this one before. Your Sonic mesh chair is in constant contact with your body; with meticulous design the Sonic creates a state of steadiness and proper orientation of the body. The form fitting, suspended mesh literally cradles your body, helping you to maintain a healthy posture and be comfortable all day.

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    1 Week Lead Time

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    Australia Wide Delivery

  • Xs Year warranty

    10 Year Warranty

  • In Stock

    In Stock

  • AFRDI Tested

    AFRDI Tested

  • Highlights

    • Synchro Mechanism with

    • Multi-Fulcrum Support

    • Tension Adjustment

    • Seat Slide

    • Contoured Mesh Back

    • Chrome Arch base

    • Large Castors

    • Optional T Swing Adjustable Arms

    • Black Mesh Back

    • Vinyl or Fabric Seat Options

    • 140KG Rated

    • AFRDI Tested

  • Specifications

    • 445-555mm Seat Height

    • Synchro Mechanism

    • Black Mesh Back

    • Black Fabric Seat

    • Polished Alloy Base

    • Adjustable Arms

    • AFRDI Tested

    • BIFMA Certified

    • 140KG Weight Rating

    • 10 Year Warranty

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