Straight Slat Feature Wall ,

Simple and stunning showpiece for any organisation’s office space. Our feature wall and will bring the workplace walls alive injecting some visual energy into their environment. Made to Order available in any of our standard 45 Colours.

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    4 Week Lead Time

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

  • Highlights

    • The Straight Slat Wall with 25mm Melamine

    • Available in 45 standard colours, unless otherwise specified.

    • For more details please contact customer service

    • Straight Batons or Angled

    • Made to Size

    • Australian Made

  • Specifications

    • 25mm Melamine Structure

    • 90 Degree Curve Side Angle

  • Options

    • Straight Batons or Angled

    • Other designs Available

    • Standard Laminex Colours

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