Finding the right office tables

Commercial Office Table

Common and collaborative business tables placed within the workstation area for gathering great ideas are becoming very popular. At Topaz we are finding an increased interest for standing tables and coffee tables as a point of difference in the workspace. These areas provide a relaxed area for the staff to gather rather than in a conventional meeting room.

Bespoke office tables

We offer a variety of high or low profile office tables to enhance your workplace, designed for efficiency in the modern office. Whether you are trying to accommodate a growing team or are simply moving to a new office, our team will provide recommendations on suitable office tables that ensure will get the most out of your space. Keeping office furniture up to date has been proven to improve the morale and culture in the workplace, allowing productivity to skyrocket as a result.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our modern office tables and space efficient furniture layouts. We take the time to get to know your business and culture, to ultimately provide the best table solution for your unique commercial office space. We are also able to provide custom designed office tables in Melbourne, bringing flair and a sense of uniqueness to your meeting room.

Creating a diverse range of office tables in Melbourne

We create office tables that meet the specific needs and goals of your staff. To achieve this, we offer a free design consultation to get a greater insight into your project to ultimately create a furniture solution for your problems. It’s this personalised service that helps set us apart as a leading office table supplier and designer in Australia.

Because we utilise our wealth of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of your goals, we can recommend the perfect office table to suit your space. Some of our most highly requested include:

Our furniture consultants and designers are kept up to date with the latest industry trends and needs in the market to ensure we are able to deliver upon, no matter how complex or demanding. If you’re looking for something more unique for your workspace or need ideas on office tables that can help drive business growth, we’d love to hear from you!

Office tables that are built to last

The best office tables are both functional and immaculate for as long as you remain at your current workplace and beyond. With longevity in mind, we source the highest-grade materials from reputable suppliers that uphold strict ethical standards. On top of designing custom office tables in Australia, we scour the nation for the best local furniture items that can meet a wide variety of requirements. We’re proud to support our local industries and that’s why around 70% of all our office furniture items are Australian-made.

Discuss your new innovative office tables with our experts

We’ve grown to become a leading and highly trusted boardroom table and office table supplier thanks to our capabilities, efficiency, personalised service, and value. If you need any advice or want to learn more about our process and the business benefits our innovative office tables can provide, contact our professionals, and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Finding the right office tables

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