Finding the right meeting table.

Boardroom Meeting Tables & Conference Tables

Meeting rooms are important congregation areas for coordinating staff and other important matters. We have a selection of corresponding meeting tables available to suit, in a diverse selection of shapes and sizes. Our bespoke boardroom tables include Australian Made, locally sourced Solid Timber tops to accommodate a variety of frame designs.

When choosing the right table for frequent meetings, it is important to consider how many people are expected to sit there at any given time. If only a few employees are likely to meet, for example, a small meeting table will do. In more formal settings, rectangular tables are preferable, if there is a distinctive hierarchy (the CEO or manager will sit at the head) for a more corporate tone.

From what material the table is made of is also something to consider, selecting a wooden table with dark colouring to match your office colour contrast is always a tough decision; this is why our range stocks metal, melamine and fabric tables for meetings to give you design flexibility. We can help you to determine which shape and size will best meet the needs of your organisation.

Finding the right meeting table.

Meeting Tables

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