WFH Portable Bag Caddy , ,

BAG portable equipment caddy.

BAG is a new take on workspace personal equipment storage. Transition your workplace seamlessly from WFH to WHO with a felt caddy and steel mounting hook. Finish: 3mm PET felt, stock colours, black or white steel HOOK, custom colours available. Lead time: 2-6 weeks. Australian, NSW manufacture.

  • Xs Week Lead Time

    2 Week Lead Time

  • Xs Year warranty

    5 Year Warranty

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

  • Highlights

    • Overall 380W x 350H

    • Includes Zipped Pocket on outside

    • 2 Pouches Inside

    • Reversible

    • Optional Logo design

    • Includes Clamp on Hook – Black, White or Coral

    • Felt – Bag Manufactured in Australia

  • Specifications

    • Pockets Inside for Laptop - 360mmW x 270mmH

    • Overall 380W x 350H

    • Clamp suitable for 25mm or 33mm Worktops

    • 3mm PET Felt

    • Lead time 2-6 Weeks

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