Finding the right workstation partition screens

Partition Screens & Desk Dividers

Whilst an open plan office is fantastic for communication and productivity, there are situations when employees might prefer their privacy. Workstation partition screens, which are placed in between desks and in walkways, can help to achieve this. Screens also help to prevent disruption and lower noise levels at the desk level or assist social distancing by acting as a sneeze screen.

What are the benefits of Partition Screens?

There are many benefits of using partition screens in the workplace. They can help to improve productivity by creating privacy and dividing space. This can allow for employees to focus on their work without distractions. Additionally, partition screens can help to create a more professional appearance for businesses. They can also be used to hide unsightly areas or equipment.

What are the different styles and features available?

Different materials can be used for partition screens, depending on the look and feel that you are going for. For a more traditional look, wood or metal may be the best choice. If you want something with a bit more of a modern edge, then fabric or glass could be the way to go.

Why choose Topaz Furniture for Partition Screens?

At Topaz Furniture, we are proud to make the decisions easy by providing industry-leading advice on style, function and durability.

Sourcing high quality, reliable office workstations is our expertise. We form long-standing relationships with suppliers and monitor the build quality and durability of their products. Our dedication to customer service and our extensive furniture knowledge means we can stand behind all our products, confident they will last the test of time.

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Finding the right workstation partition screens

Partition Screens

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