Xempt Sync ,

AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE - Made by Australians for Australians, in Australia. No need to tear your heart out using lesser-quality imported sync chairs. Available for next day dispatch, in Black Fabric.

  • Xs Year warranty

    10 Year Warranty

  • In Stock

    In Stock

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

  • Highlights

    • Upholstered Seat in Fabric of Choice

    • or Black Fabric as Standard

    • Mesh Back – Black

    • 135kg Rated

    • Seat Height Adjustment

    • Simple Sync Mechanism

    • Lumbar – Adjustable Height

    • With or Without Arms

    • Australian Made

  • Specifications

    • Seat Height 450mm - 520mm

    • Seat Width 500mm

    • Seat Depth 465mm

    • Back Height 500mm

    • Back Width 450mm

    • Made in Australia

    • 10 Year Warranty

  • Options

    • With or Without Arms

    • Alloy Base (Standard With Black Base)

    • Seat Fabric Of Your Choice – Warwick or Laine Fabric

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