Office Layout Ideas: 3 Simple to Boost Productivity

Clearly its time to think about is your workspace, so here's some office layout ideas to get you started. For a long time, people have had a belief that money was the key to motivating employees to greater productivity. Research has proven that monetary rewards are way down on the motivation list. Consider factors such as recognition, a sense of purpose and work-life balance. These are all areas that are being prioritised by employees over a higher a pay check.

The workplace environment has a huge impact on motivation and productivity. For this reason, people require a variety of spaces that can facilitate focused and collaborative work. And allow social work in both open and enclosed environments.

It is essential to provide an optional workspaces to accommodate various personalities and work styles. This can help to motivate your employees to work more productively. With that in mind, here are 3 office layout ideas that can benefit your workplace.

Keep it comfy

office layout idea for a casual and relaxed office space area

There is a shift towards more homely-styled workplaces, and it’s the high-tech companies leading the way. Because of the younger workforce, there is a need for a greater work-life balance. They are motivated by interiors that feel more like high-class homes than offices.

You should create an environment where the line between private and work time is blurred. This makes employees feel taken care of and are more at ease throughout the day. This will ultimately lead you toward your goal of having employees more motivated and productive at work.

Breakout Spaces

office layout idea for a breakout spaces

Workspaces have a traditional view towards them where people envision a group of desks boxed in like sardines. These offices were very formal and have minimal employee interaction to avoid distractions. However, there has now been more information discovered about meetings conducted in less formal environments.

They are actually extremely productive for brainstorming and creative idea generation. As a result, they are now considered one of the 5 key zones required to achieve maximum productivity. With the right design, it can support short or spontaneous meetings. This can also reduce the demand for closed meeting rooms that always seem to be booked out.

Peaceful Pods

Office layout idea of peaceful pods

Open-plan layouts are fast becoming the norm in modern workplaces.  With the idea being that they encourage interaction and productive conversation. However, not everyone works the same way. And while some thrive in open spaces, others need more closed spaces to concentrate. "Peaceful pods" are spaces that do just that. They provide a temporary space away from the noise and movement of an open office when deeper concentration and focus are required.


I hoped that help give you the inspiration you needed to change up your office layout. Get creative with it and think about your employees needs throughout the process. If you want to learn more about office layout ideas; Check out our ultimate 101 guide to office layout. 


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