How we work

Selecting the right furniture for your space and budget is made easy. A Topaz expert account manager represents every customer. They will step you through the entire process end-to-end, and ensure quality and durability long installation.

Our processes are straightforward and transparent. All plans, costs and timelines are clearly documented, allowing for easy review and approval from your business principles. We will help recommend the best furniture for your space and ensure your team are delighted with the results.

Our customer guarantee ensures fixed-quotes, and delivery/assembly schedules run on time. Delivering your fit-out precisely as expected is our expertise. We have 20+ years of experience providing exceptional service and furniture quality.

1. Discuss & Plan

Selecting the right furniture for your office-fit out can be difficult, and the pressure to make the right decisions can often seem daunting. The Topaz team remove this burden from you, providing our industry knowledge to help make the right selections, and maximise the outcome from your budget.

Our office furniture experts help to bring your vision to life, offering advice and options to enhance the outcome along the way. Your ultimate satisfaction is vitally important, and therein, from the first time we talk, we take special note of your timelines, budgets, tastes and preferences. We commit to delivering on each of these core areas to ensure you meet all your goals, and your project is a resounding success.

2. Clear Documentation

Your business principles have transparency in the decision-making process. Our documentation is clear and visually expressive. We make it easy for management to review and approve the decisions you are making.

The project documentation also clearly maps out delivery times, budgets and post-implementation support. This transparency adds structure to the project, ensuring all required stakeholders have visibility into every step of the process.

If your business requires a specific layout or documentation, we can supply. Ask your account manager and they will deliver as you need. Our team has 20+ year of providing exceptional service. We can meet any requirements your business desires.

3. Deliver & Assemble

We guarantee punctual delivery and assembly of your office furniture. Our team work around the clock to ensure every element of fulfilment is seamless. No matter how many sources are supplying products, you can have confidence the project will run on time.

Our assembly team are furniture experts who take great pride in the quality and durability of your office fit-out. They assemble each piece by hand, applying strict quality control measures to ensure we can guarantee every single piece.

Following implementation, our team stays in touch to ensure the furniture performs at the highest level of quality. Your satisfaction is what drives us to deliver the excellence you deserve.

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