Rescon Builders

A Highly Fluid and Productive Workspace With The Help of Topaz

  • Client: Rescon Builders
  • Office Size: 550
  • Staff Size:: 40
  • Location: Norwest, NSW

Client Brief

Rescon Builders came to us at Topaz Furniture looking to create a more Activity-Based Work Space (ABW), aiming to increasing productivity and opening up the office allowing it to flow freely. Achieving these goals meant that Rescon would mean a large boost to employee productivity, morale and customer response times, the keys to a modern day competitive company.
Of course the team behind topaz came together to make sure that we achieved these goals and more.



The Results

The entire approach allowed the ABW concept to come to life with simple integration of technology and a design and installation process that was guided by our team of office furniture experts.

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