Sit Stand Workstations

A Topaz Furniture Height Adjustable & Sit Stand Workstation can change your posture during the workday, ensuring you don’t sit or stand for too long.

Why choose Topaz Furniture for sit stand workstations?

We offer a versatile range of height adjustable workstations that will allow you and your team to remain comfortable and productive all day long. Designed and manufactured with quality materials, a Topaz Furniture Height Adjustable Workstation Australia is built to last and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. We offer fast delivery and installation Australia-wide.

Why use a sit stand workstation?

Sitting for long periods can increase your risk of heart disease and other medical problems. Standing for extended periods can also cause health problems, as our muscles are in a constant state of contraction. If you or your team experience joint pain or discomfort when sitting for 30 minutes or having a desk job for a significant part of the day, then an adjustable height workstation is the perfect solution.

Are sit stand workstations the right choice for my office space?

A sit stand desk workstation is now an office essential. They are designed for user comfort and ease with a modern aesthetic to suit any workplace environment. Our ergonomic task chair range completes this sophisticated solution.  

What are the different types of sit stand workstations that Topaz Furniture offers?

Our flexible ergonomics sit stand workstation range includes; single, back-to-back and corner options in different sizes and colours. Our most popular Height Adjustable Workstation is the Saturn Range, with a 3 column Dual motor configuration, a programmable controller and the ability to be set up in multiple seating configurations. Making them an extremely versatile fit for any modern office space wanting to move to a more ergonomic work environment.

Chat to a Topaz Furniture consultant about the health benefits of an ergonomic sit stand computer workstation. 

Sit Stand Workstations

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