Finding the right sit/stand workstations

Height Adjustable Workstations

Did you know that sitting for long periods can increase your risk of heart disease and other medical problems? Standing for long periods can also cause health problems, as our muscles are kept in a constant state of contraction. A sit stand workstation can help you to change posture during the workday, ensuring that you don’t sit or stand for too long at a time. So, could you benefit from a sit stand work station? If you experience pain or discomfort when sitting for 30 minutes or less, or have a job that keeps you confined to your desk for the greater part of the day, then a sit to stand desk might be able to help you.

Our range includes height adjustable office desks that are easily assembled with electrical lifting features to the space savvy corner adjustable desk for maximising your office space. Each of our pieces are designed and manufactured with quality materials that last! All pieces also have a standard minimum 1 year comprehensive warranty you can trust.

Finding the right sit/stand workstations

Height Adjustable

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