Activity Based Working and Its Benefits to Modern Offices

Today's offices are rapidly changing. Companies have knocked down physical walls and removed cubicles in favour of open office layouts that are meant to increase collaboration and productivity among employees. However, open offices come with their own sets of problems such as employees getting easily distracted by noise and visual stimuli.

As the woes of an open office layout continue to plague the modern workforce, companies are turning towards a new strategy: activity based working setup.

Think about the layout and design of your home. There are different spaces you can choose to go for specific actions or events. For instance, if you want peace and quiet to read a book, you head over to your study. If you have friends over, you entertain them in the living room. It’s the same with the activity based working setup. It recognises that each employee have different roles to play and they need diversity in work settings to do their tasks efficiently.

They could start their day in a private space to finish a presentation and then move to a meeting pod or a conference room to share it with their colleagues. This flexibility provides employees with more autonomy, improves their productivity and allows them to feel more stimulated in the workplace.

Major Benefits of Activity Based Working

  • Maximum Use of Office Space

Whether it's a small organisation pressured to design a cost-efficient space or a large company occupying several floors, an activity based work environment allows them to achieve maximum use out of every space in their office, especially as headcount increases.

With an activity based working strategy, companies can have their employees share desks and the alternative spaces in the office. From soft seating areas to long tables and corner high tops, employees have a vast array of options for heads-down, productive work.

  • Better Employee Performance

According to the Harvard Business Review, employees with greater flexibility and collaboration are generally more productive and happier with their jobs. Collaboration tends to increase in an activity based workplace due to the fluid nature of unassigned desks and shared seating. Employees from different departments become exposed to one another often, opening up opportunities for knowledge sharing that's hard to come by in a fixed setup. Shared desking also allows employees to develop friendships with people they don’t normally interact with.

  • Enhanced Employee Focus

Open plan offices offer many benefits to the modern workforce but sometimes, employees may find background noise distracting. Activity based workplaces typically have 'focus rooms' that allow employees to escape from the hustle and bustle of open plan offices to concentrate on time-sensitive tasks.

Combat the Common Pains of an Open Office with Topaz Furniture

The modern office is no longer an area where each team member is chained to a single desk.

Increase flexibility and collaboration in your workplace with activity based working furniture from Topaz Furniture. Our agile working furniture, be it a collaborative meeting pod or a private pod, allow employees to complete a diverse range of tasks in a day.

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