How Modern Offices Benefit from Distraction-Free Meeting Pods

How Modern Offices Benefit from Distraction-Free Meeting Pods

The cubicle-farm office of not so long ago has become a punch line in modern office design but the open office setup -- the darling of start-ups and companies that seek better collaboration, communication and camaraderie -- also has its fair share of problems.

For some employees, it's hard to focus on a time-sensitive task when there's an animated coworker on a client call on one side and a trio of football fans discussing last night's game on the other. Not to mention the constant stream of colleagues moving through their line of sight at any given time of the day.

Based on research conducted by the University of California, Irvine, it takes an average of 23 minutes for an individual to return to their task after experiencing sudden interruptions. This is where meeting booths and pods come in to save the day for employees who just want a little bit of privacy from the hustle and bustle of the office. Employees can pop into the pods for calls, quick virtual meetings or distraction-free sessions that won't hinder their productivity.

Here are the top benefits that your employees and office can gain from meeting pods.

Provides privacy

In an age where employees experience information overload on a daily basis, pods can help them find their flow and get them 'in the zone' or the optimal state where they can perform and feel their best. Employees do their work best when they are given private space where they can truly focus.

For instance, the Fracas Meeting Pod's panels have an NRC rating of 0.76, which means that 76 per cent of sound waves entering the material will be captured and converted. This makes it an excellent temporary workstation in the office for employees who want to get away from the noise of an open plan environment to finish their tasks quicker. A place where they can go to escape audio and visual disruptions will help keep the concentration of employees and their productivity up.

Space for collaboration or quick calls

Not all meeting pods are designed for private work. Some pods act as meeting spaces, providing offices with a convenient multi-use space for ad hoc meetings that don't cause disruption to the entire department.

Meeting pods are also the ideal solution for employees who only need a small space for conference calls. It eliminates the need for one or two people to hog an entire room when they can make do with a small private area for their confidential phone calls.

Efficient and flexible use of office space

Unlike building a new part of your office, meeting pods are budget-friendly and they're quick and easy to install. Their modular designs allow you to slot them into whichever space you see fit, saving you a significant amount in construction costs.

Evolve Your Office with Modern Meetings Pods from Topaz Furniture

According to an article posted by the Centre for Conscious Design, providing a variety of different space types in offices, from shared workstations to single-occupant areas for focused working, is vital for work environments that are highly collaborative in nature.

Allow your business to ebb and flow with the evolving demands of modern offices with our range of meeting pods and other activity-based working furniture. A solution as simple and straightforward as a pod can be exactly what your office needs to build a workplace that thrives in collaboration but also provides employees with interruption-free spaces to focus on their private tasks.

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