How To Recycle Office Furniture In Melbourne

So, you’ve just gone out and bought a whole lot of new office furniture in Melbourne to fit out your workplace and give it more of an updated look. But what do you do with all the old pieces that you no longer need? If the furniture isn’t damaged, it could be used by another business that cannot afford to buy new, so why not recycle it?

Begin by cleaning up the office furniture – vacuum the upholstery, dust the harder surfaces, and use a towel dipped in clean water to remove marks. The cleaner and more attractive that the furniture is, the more likely it is that someone will buy it. Do a quick search of your local classifieds section for office furniture in Melbourne that is similar to yours and note down the prices. This can give you a good idea of what to charge for your furniture.

Then, take a photograph of each piece of furniture that you are hoping to sell, being sure to get pictures of the item from different angles. Place these images in an advertisement that you place in the classifieds section with accompanying text that describes the item, the asking price and contact details.

Make sure that you reply to each expression of interest as soon as you receive it, as potential buyers may quickly loose interest and look for recycled office furniture in Melbourne elsewhere. Make sure to arrange a pick up or delivery time that suits both you and the buyer so that you can respond to any of their questions.

If you are unable to sell your old office furniture, you can always consider donating it to the local second hand shop; they may be able to sell it to someone else and make some well-needed money.



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