5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Office Reception

5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Office Reception

[September 2022 Update]

The reception area is usually the first thing people see when they enter your office. It's the first impression that sets the tone for the rest of their visit. You want to make sure that your office layout is beautiful and welcoming, so that visitors feel at ease and impressed from the start. But where do you start? How do you create a stunning office reception area? Here are five tips to get you started.

Make a bold statement

Signature art pieces can be the perfect way to create a focal point in your reception and make a statement about your brand. A custom bespoke desk is a great way to achieve this, as well as digital wall art, graphics, innovative lighting, and accessories. With the right design, these elements can work together to create an impressive and memorable space.

Functionality and easy navigation

A functional reception that's easy to navigate is key for any business. Make sure that there is plenty of space for visitors to navigate, and that signage is clearly visible. The reception desk should be easy to find, and there should be ample room for disabled access. Make sure that the elevators, bathrooms, and other common destinations are clearly marked. It’s important to make it comfortable with enough seating and open spaces based on the daily traffic. Keep clear lines for movement between the entrance, reception desk, stairs, and other important destinations.

unique office reception with stairway

Brand message

It's also important to make sure that your reception area reflects the company’s brand. Brand imagery, such as a logo or photographs, can help visitors feel instantly connected to the company. The décor and colour palette should also match the brand aesthetic. For example, if the company’s products are eco-friendly, the lobby should reflect that with green accents and natural materials. Visitors should get a sense of the company’s story and values just by looking around the lobby. By carefully considering the message that you want to convey to visitors, you can use the reception area to showcase what your brand is all about.

A social space

In the past, reception areas were simply places for visitors to wait to be announced or escorted to their destination. Today, reception areas are often multi-purpose spaces that serve as both a workspace for staff and a social space for visitors. Office reception desks are usually located near the entrance of the lobby so that staff can easily greet and assist visitors. In addition to reception desks, many lobbies now contain individual desks, group meeting areas, and even event spaces. This change in function has meant that reception areas now need to be more flexible and comfortable. As a result, reception areas are often furnished with a mix of seating options, including ergonomic chairs, couches, and coffee tables.

Humanistic and home-like

A warm and inviting office reception can help put your visitors at ease and make them feel welcome. Comfortable couches and lounge seating placed close together create a friendly environment, while biophilic design elements like plants and natural light elevate the space into a healthier one. By embracing the relaxed vibe of a living room, you can create a reception that your visitors will enjoy spending time in.

Home-like and cozy office reception

In conclusion...

Reception areas are often the first space visitors see when they enter a building, so it's important to make a good impression. Creating a warm and inviting lobby starts with finding the right furniture. Comfortable couches and lounge seating arranged close together foster a friendly atmosphere, while plants and natural light add a touch of sophistication. Biophilic design elements like these not only make the space more attractive, but also healthier for both employees and visitors. When it comes to reception areas, first impressions really do matter. By taking the time to create a welcoming space, you can set the tone for an enjoyable experience from the very beginning.


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