Better Place Australia

A brand refresh and a dynamic office space

  • Client: Better Place Australia
  • Office Size: 600sqm
  • Staff Size:: 30
  • Location: Cheltenham, Victoria

Client Brief

A fresh start, rebrand and a dynamic office space is what Family Mediation and Counselling (FMC) needed to take their organisation to the next level.
Now known as Better Place Australia, they serve over 20,000 Australians each year in counselling, financial matters and family consulting, all for a better community.
Being a not for profit, budget is of critical importance but was not at the expense of ensuring the design and functionality of the space worked for the staff.
Quiet and collaboration areas were constructed to assist staff to have collaborative meetings as well as providing an area for study or reading individually.


The Results

With the combination of the custom joinery, furniture and storage and the highly functional yet strikingly aesthetically pleasing Valesko line of Timber workstations we were able to create an extremely beautiful and stylish workspace while keeping a priority on not sacrificing form or going over budget.

The mild use of timber finishes on the workstation frames, storage, stools, benches & custom joinery enhance the atmosphere of the open ceiling.

"We have found that image has really helped us in a variety of ways. We are proud to bring people on site whereas previously there was a bit of a stigma attached to where we were. It better reflects who we are and makes us more proud of who we are as our ‘home’ reflects the sort of organization we want to be, that helps in recruiting staff, helps for stakeholders, we have more meetings on site now more that ever because we are proud to have people on site and in some ways we want to show off who we are so our image has also added to our reputation." Honorable Mark Dreyfus officially opened the new site, with 60 visitors who were "unanimously impressed with the fitout"

Serge Sargo

CEO - Better Place Australia

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